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a fantasy writing workshop









“Touch the wooden gate in the wall you never saw before. Say 'please' before you open the latch. Go through, walk down the path.” – Instructions by Neil Gaiman 


Over the course of this eight-week workshop, participants will explore what makes their voice as an author unique, how to craft a compelling journey for their protagonist, and how to situate their narrative within a rich and believable fantasy world. 

By the end of the workshop, participants can expect to either complete the first draft of a short story or novel chapter, or rework a piece that they have previously completed. 

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Schedule and Syllabus (Aug-Oct 2024)

This is a general overview of the workshop. Each weekly session includes readings, discussion questions, and writing exercises. While the sessions are organised by theme, exercises relating to more technical elements of craft will be woven into the sessions in a way that supports the overarching theme. 

17th Aug Sat | Introduction

What is fantasy, and why do we choose to write in the genres of fantasy or magical realism? 

24th Aug Sat | Creating a Protagonist  

A strong protagonist is the emotional core of your story. Who is your protagonist, and how do they live and breathe within your fantasy world? 

31st Aug Sat | Conflict within Relationships 

Conflict is a testing point that shows us who your character is. How does your protagonist live in relation to other people in their world, and how do they respond in times of interpersonal stress and crisis? 

7th and 14th Sept Sat | World-building (I) and (II) 

How can we begin to scaffold our nascent fantasy worlds? What details do we look out for, and how do we avoid giving too much information all at once?​

21st Sept Sat | Narrative and Plot 

How do we structure all of that information about character and world-building into a coherent, logical plot? 


(one week break)

5th Oct Sat | Workshop

12th Oct Sat | Workshop


Workshop readings will draw on the work of Ursula K. Le Guin, George R.R. Martin, Varsha Dinesh, Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, Angela Carter, China Miéville, Leigh Bardugo, O Thiam Chin, Nuraliah Norasid, Ng Yi-Sheng, and others. 

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Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to be beginner-friendly. No prior experience in writing is required, but a good command of English would be beneficial. Over the course of this workshop, we hope to help you: 

  • Craft a compelling fantasy-world narrative 

  • Learn how to give constructive feedback to other writers

  • Gain confidence in having your work critiqued in a small-group setting, and

  • Feel inspired and encouraged in moving forward with your writing 

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Registration Details

Dates: 17th, 24th, 31st Aug and 7th, 14th, 21st Sept, (one week break) and 5th, 12th Oct 2024


Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm* on Saturdays   ​


Location: Your MOTHER Gallery, 26A Rowell Road. Nearest MRT - Farrer Park.


*Do note that those who are more than 30 minutes late will be turned away. 
Workshops are capped at 6 pax per session. 

Recommended for ages 18 and above. 

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SGD 350 for all eight sessions

*Receive a 10% discount if you submit your work to Voyage: A Literary Journal

C - Pathways (2024).png

About the Facilitator

Stacy Ooi has been facilitating creative writing and art sharing sessions since 2018. She has designed and led workshops on fantasy writing and novel writing. Her work is published in Blue Heron Review, as well as the tide rises, the tide falls. She dreams of a world where we are gentle with each other. 

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