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About Us 


Rainbow Fictioneers is a literary platform based in Singapore. We run writing workshops for magic, healing and community. 



Rainbow Fictioneers ran as an informal writing group from June 2018 - Feb 2022. In its present iteration, it is a small business that provides writing workshops for the public.  




Our writing circles and workshops are guided by the belief that authenticity flourishes in safe spaces. To take a safe space approach means that we meet the writer at their level, respect their vision, and take a compassionately critical approach to their work. Safe space is not about the absence of challenge, but about balancing challenge with respect. It is not the absence of critique, but the tempering of critique with love. 

About the Facilitator

Hello! My name is Stacy. I am a writer, singer-songwriter and workshop facilitator. 

I started writing because of my mother, who raised me to love books. I was able to keep writing because of my father, who built a house for us and made sure that the bills were paid. 


I began facilitating writing workshops in 2019, with the Rainbow Fictioneers writing group, and I also facilitated art sharing circles with the Art Friends collective from 2019-2022. I have attended workshops organised by Tin House, the USP-Piper Creative Writing Programme, SingLit Station and Writing the City.  


As a facilitator, I love to witness the energy and frisson of minds colliding, ideas taking shape, and directions forming. 

As an editor, I believe in approaching authors' manuscripts with respect and curiosity: in meeting the author where they are, and working with them to bring out their authentic voice. 

Thank you for being here with me. I look forward to seeing you at our writing circles and workshops in 2023! 

— Stacy, 21st Dec 2022 

📷 by Eunice Lim (@eun.photog) at SingLit Station in 2020.

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