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Thank you! Your words of appreciation mean a lot.

Blue Skies

Stacy's writing circle was a cozy, productive space where we exchanged ideas and interpretations with delight and delicateness. I enjoyed myself tremendously and grew more courageous from reading my work out loud to nonjudgmental fellow writers. 

Ashley Muñoz

(writing circle participant)


Eunice Lim

Stacy was a sensitive, generous and inclusive facilitator, she made sure to take in our feedback and is detailed about the process and the structure of the sessions. I have gained a lot from these sessions and would recommend them!


Ho Ying Shin

Stacy has been a wonderful moderator and friend for as long as I have known her. She embraces all kinds of stories, and offers a safe space and welcoming environment. New and old writers will feel right at home.


Brandon Toh

Stacy is a fantastic facilitator who makes everyone feel comfortable with any form of sharing. She is also able to blend professionalism with a dash of informality, making each session feel less like a one-off event, and more like a group of like-minded friends sharing in similar passions. Passion and creativity are flames, and Stacy is great at spreading that warmth through her initiatives.


Danial Sufiyan

Stacy is a wonderful moderator that creates a safe space for one to share their art without judgement. She is truly passionate in what she does and facilitates a caring and supportive environment for creativity to flow.

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Jonathan Shin

Stacy's art workshop was so special in the way that she made us all feel heard and open to sharing. I'm especially in awe of the way she was able to create this mental and emotional space for creative sharing — I think it takes a special touch and understanding of human nature to be able to do that. Most of all, Stacy is a wonderful human bean!!!



Stacy’s the real deal. Her warmth and openness creates a welcoming space for the exploration of art of all kinds. She has a keen sense for holding space that allows artists to share freely, but her quiet demeanour belies a wicked sense of humour that reveals the attentiveness with which she approaches everyone’s work.


Michael Ng

Stacy is a wonderful host and facilitator - I participated in a few of her art sharing circles and witnessed her capacity to hold space for deep and invigorating creative conversations. :)


Anna Onni

Stacy's Art Friends meetings (online and in-person) were the gatherings I really looked forward to during the isolating periods of the pandemic. There was something incredibly reassuring about this gathering of folks - each person doing something amazingly creative at a pace that worked for them. The best moments were when I could listen to someone's work traverse different media, topics, intentions and finished forms. Stacy's ability and willingness to hold the space enabled me to share comfortably and sense the warmth from the group. 


Wong Hui Yu

I attended a number of art friend collective gatherings and had the privilege to experience Stacy’s calm and grounding presence. In those encounters, Stacy’s facilitation was always skilled and subtle. Through perceptive reflections, timely disclosures, and allowing space for silences, Stacy created an atmosphere of safety in which all stories felt warmly welcomed. She also helped us to feel connected not only as art-makers but as human beings, whose laughter and tears alike had a place in the room.


I previously worked with Stacy on a musical production and was also privileged to have been a part of an Arts Friend group that she facilitated.


There is a gentleness, sensitivity and openness in the way Stacy facilitates her art-sharing sessions that encourages budding artists to feel safe in sharing their works without feeling judged or ashamed, even if they might be works-in-progress.


In my experience, Stacy is truly invested in art for the sake of art, and she constantly encourages those around her to express their artistic gifts which might otherwise have been hidden away.


I'm so excited to hear that she is now starting this new endeavour - may she continue to bring many more out into the light and express the inner 'artist' in them, whatever shape or form it might take!

Jaryl Lim

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